Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin

Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin Author: Mary F. Nixon-Roulet Release Date: November 24, 2003 [EBook #10224] Language: English Character set encoding: ASCII *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK KALITAN, OUR LITTLE ALASKAN COUSIN *** Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Mary Meehan, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. KALITAN Our Little Alaskan.....

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THEIR CRIMES Translated from the French 1917. _It is proposed to devote any profits from the sale of this work to The League of Remembrance, or for relief work in Lorraine_. CONTENTS Preface Introduction Robbery Incendiarism Murder Outrages on Women and Children Killing the Wounded Sheltering behind Women Martyrdom of Civilian Prisoners German Excuses: Lies and Cal.....

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